How to Disable Run Command using Group Policy Editor

Group Policy Editor to Disable Run Command

Run command can be used to execute applications by typing the application name e.g. you can open Notepad from run command by typing “notepad”, you can open Calculator from open command by typing “calc” or open command prompt by typing “cmd”, etc. Similarly you can execute multiple other application. By default it is enable in all the Operating Systems either client OS or Server OS. However, in some of the Organizations where you want to restrict users to use only predefined applications, you can use disable run command using Group Policy editor.

Group Policy Editor can also be known as Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), GPMC is a Microsoft management console(MMC) snap in, providing a single administrative tool for managing GPs across the enterprise. Local Group Policy Editor can be open by typing “GPEDIT.MSC” or “SECPOL.MSC” alternatively open GPMC by typing “GPMC.MSC“.

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