How to add storage to vmware esxi 6 using vCenter Server

How to add storage to vmware esxi 6 using vCenter Server

In this post, we’ll learn the steps to add storage to VMWare ESXi 6 using vCenter Server. In the old posts, we have already learned the steps to install and configure vmWare ESXi 6 and installation of VMWare vCenter Server. When we have multiple VMWare ESXi hosts then adding SAN Storage i.e. Shared Storage would result in high availability even if one VMWare ESXi host goes down.

We have already created iSCSI Target Server which is acting like a SAN Storage. We’ll use the same Shared Storage to connect with ESXi hosts.

Steps to connect to iSCSI target Server using vCenter Server

Step 1:
Login to vCenter Server (Steps to install vCenter Server)
Select the Host name on which you want to connect the SAN Storage.
Select Configuration tab. This is the tab that Administrator would be using most of the time.
Select Storage Adapters.
Click on Add.
A popup will show an option to add “Software iSCSI Adapter” and “Software FCoE Adapter”. For this practical we need to select “Software iSCSI Adapter” and then click on Ok to add the same.

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