Eight Important Group Policies to secure your environment

Eight Important Group Policies to Secure your Environment

Group Policies enable System Administrators to manage domain objects through Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). Planning and deploying group policy are an important job of a system administrator and without having a good knowledge of group policies it is not possible. In this post, we will tell you about eight most important group policies to secure your environment.

A secure environment is a priority of each and every organization and group policy plays a very important role in it. Group policy is an administrative tool and gets installed during domain controller promotion. Group policy works on the priority. We can remember the priority of group policy by a word “LSDOU“. Here, L stands for a local computer, S stands for Site (computers situated in a single geographical location ), D stands for domain and OU stands for Organizational Unit (a container in Active Directory).

OU has the highest priority in group policy preferences. Policies linked with Domain have less priority as compared to OU but more then Site. A site is preferred at a third position in terms of group policy preferences. And Local has the least priority in terms of deploying group policies.

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