How to Create VM Template & Convert VM Template using vCenter Server

How to Create VM Template and Convert VM Template using vCenter Server 6.0

In this post, we’ll learn the steps to create Virtual Machine Template¬†and convert VM Template in VMWare ESXi 6.0. We have already learned the steps to install VMWare ESXi and installation of VMWare vCenter Server. VM template can be used as a golden image. It is used to create multiple Virtual Machine without installing the OS and other important applications from the scratch.

Why do we need VM template?

Take a scenario in which you have to deploy some Virtual machines in your environment. This means we have to install the OS on all the Virtual Machines, on top of OS we also need to install the basic or the mandatory software and applications e.g. Antivirus, MS Office, Acrobat Reader, etc. However to prevent all those redundant tasks, we can create a VM template and by using it we can create multiple Virtual Machines.

Before we start with the steps of creating a VM template on VMWare ESXi 6.0. Install the OS and install all the basic softwares. Please take a note, we need to login to vCenter Server to create the template. We can see two options:
a) Clone: It is doesn’t impact the source machine. It creates the new Virtual Machine by cloning and then convert newly created VM to template.
b) Convert: This option converts the VM to template i.e. source Virtual Machine will be converted.

Clone to Template

Step 1:
Login to vCenter Server (Steps to install vCenter Server)
Right click on the Virtual Machine which you want to clone.
Select the option Clone to Template in this practical.

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