How to configure Storage vMotion in VMWare vCenter 6

How to configure Storage vMotion in VMWare vCenter 6

In this post, we’ll learn the steps to configure Storage vMotion on VMWare vCenter Server 6. In the old posts, we have already learned the steps to configure iSCSI Storage on Windows Server 2012 R2 and also the steps to add Shared Storage to VMWare ESXi 6. Storage vMotion is required to move the VMDK or files of Virtual from one storage to another storage.

Normally we configure storage vMotion to move Virtual machines either from local datastore (storage) to iSCSI Target Servers or to move the Virtual Machines from one Shared Storage to another.

Steps to configure storage vMotion on VMWare vCenter Server 6

Step 1:
Login to vCenter server and select the machine which whose datastore you would like to migrate from local to shared Storage.
Click on Summary Tab. It would show you all the information of that Virtual Machine.
As we can see that this Virtual Machine is currently on local Storage/ datastore.

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