How to configure offline Domain Join (djoin command)

How to configure offline Domain Join (djoin command)

In this post, we’ll learn the steps to configure offline domain join using djoin command in Windows Server 2012 R2. It can be used to add a Server or workstation in a domain even if we don’t have network connectivity between them. In the old post, we have already learned the steps to create Domain Controller and create additional domain controller.

Why do we need Offline Domain Join (djoin command)?

Offline Domain Join is required in a scenario in which either organization is facing an issue with network between the Domain Controller and the remote site or bulk domain Join is required. To configure offline domain join we need to run a command on the Domain Controllers and it would create a text file. We need to copy the text file to the Server or Workstation that we need to add in the Domain.

Steps to configure offline Domain Join using DJoin command

We need two servers for this scenario. First is the Domain Controller i.e. DC01 and another is a member server i.e. DC04. (Steps to promote Domain Controller using PowerShell)

Step 1:
On the Domain Controller i.e. DC01 we can see two computer accounts created i.e. DC02 and DC03. As of now we only have these two Servers in our Domain.

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