6 Steps to Secure your Active Directory Environment

6 Steps to Secure your Active Directory Environment

In this article, we’ll learn six steps to secure your Active Directory environment. In the old post, we have talked about eights important Group policies to secure your environment. With security breaches and attacks becoming a more common occurrence in the IT infrastructure, it is more important than ever that organizations secure the most important part of their network – the Active Directory. In this article we will go through a few issues that must be looked at when securing the Active Directory.

1. Unsecured Domain Controllers
Domain controllers (steps to promote Domain Controller) play a critical role in controlling and managing the resource accesses in domains (Active Directory User Management). When left in an unsecured state, they can be easy targets for attackers who try to access, copy and manipulate the security database. To ensure the security of domain controllers, install them on dedicated servers or host them on dedicated physical machines and restrict access exclusively to authorized users (steps to delegate permissions). To make use of the newest security features, always run them on the latest Windows Server OS and block internet access from them.

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